Have you hit a ceiling as
a real estate professional?

Real estate agents usually approach a limit. Their earnings stop growing as fast as they used to, while their time and freedom keep shrinking.

Maybe you have considered the idea of owning a brokerage or have already opened your own independent office. It can be a fantastic way to build a steady business, but, brokers can end up resenting all the administrative tasks that typically fill up their day.

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With Sellstate's revolutionary model you can potentially own your own brokerage for less than you are paying your current broker.

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Neil Cresswell Founder Sellstate

Skip the back
office headaches

Skip the back
office headaches

Nobody becomes a broker because they love extra paperwork. You do it looking to build a steady income, or to have an asset that you can sell when you are ready to retire. That’s why we are working to help real estate professionals across the country start or run a brokerage without any of the usual hassles. You won’t have to spend your days buried in

  • Accounting and financeAccounting and finance
  • Back office administrationBack office administration
  • Processing 1099sProcessing 1099s
  • Onboarding new agentsPaying commissions

Instead you get to regain control, spending your days recruiting and supporting your agents to help them grow their business.


Let Sellstate power your brokerage

By partnering with Sellstate you get access to our Centralized Processing Technology. It provides all of the tools needed to run an efficient real estate brokerage. Like:

  • DatabaseDistributing commission payments
  • FeesCollecting any necessary fees
  • DocumentProcessing and distributing 1099 tax documents
  • DollarTracking and distributing revenue share payments

With Sellstate’s Centralized Processing Technology running behind the scenes, you are relieved of the typical administrative burdens most brokers face.

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All the support and training you need

Starting and running a brokerage shouldn’t mean guessing your way through various responsibilities. Sellstate offers the training and support that you need to operate a brokerage with minimal headaches. You will receive hands on support including:



Our Centralized Processing Suite handles the fee collecting, commissions and revenue share payments.



Resources to build your brand, generate leads, recruit top agents and grow your business.



Everything from business planning to onboarding agents and business set up and training.

Power Suite

Support your agents with the award-winning Power Suite

Our award-winning Power Suite will help your agents maximize their sales. With the Sellstate Power Suite, your agents can automate the follow-up and marketing activities that usually drain their time. It allows them to automatically manage:

  • Property websitesProperty websites
  • Social media postsSocial media posts
  • Lead generationLead generation
  • Agent websiteClient follow-up
  • CRM platformCRM platform
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Set your agents up for success

Provide all your agents the education needed to become successful through the best online training center in the industry. It contains material on everything from business planning, lead generation, prospecting, running open houses, closing sales and more. All designed to help your agents get up and running without requiring hours of hands-on help.

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Reinventing the franchise model

We feel that the traditional real estate franchises are due for an overhaul. For over 20 years Sellstate has been pioneering a new approach to franchising, giving brokers more support and fewer restrictions.

Broker Support
Agent Support
Agent Tools
Independent broker
Completely DIY
Completely DIY
Completely DIY
Completely DIY
Traditional franchise
Franchise branding
Powered by Sellstate
Co-branding option

Run your brokerage your way

We want you to run your brokerage how you think is best. There are no rules about your commission splits with your agents, office requirements, monthly sales or performance standards. Unlike other franchises, you may even keep your own branding as the primary brand with "Powered by Sellstate" as the secondary. You have complete control over your branding decisions.

You can keep your own branding, building on the reputation you have built for yourself or your team. Or if you would prefer, you can use the Sellstate branding as the primary brand for your brokerage.

Only $8,000 to get started

The purchase price of a Sellstate Franchise is only $8,000. Compared to a DIY brokerage, that small fee saves you countless hours of figuring out the best approaches to your setup, technical and administrative challenges. Combined with some of the lowest fees in the industry, you could potentially run a brokerage for less than you are paying your current broker.

Listen to our CEO, Michael Darmanin explain the fees and why the Sellstate model is so unique.

Join our 70+ franchises

Sellstate has been in business for over 20 years, with over 70 franchises across the country. Our franchise partners say it best, so listen to their Sellstate experience

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Angle Right
Mackenzie Marquez - Sellstate owner
Doug Shiplett - Sellstate office manager
Jessica Gonzalez - Sellstate agent
Brianna Felz - Sellstate owner
Aristhyl Michelson - Sellstate agent
Stephanie Rose & Savannah Sheppard - Sellstate owners
Mackenzie Marquez - Sellstate owner
Doug Shiplett - Sellstate office manager

Awards and recognition

Sellstate’s unique technology and franchise model has received recognition across the industry.

Tech Titan Award
Tech Titan Award
Real Estate magazine
Real Estate magazine
Nov 2017 Issue
Real Estate magazine
Real Estate magazine
May 2006 Issue

Started by industry veterans

Neil Cresswell - Founder
Neil Cresswell - Co-Chairman and Co-Founder

Neil was a top agent and ran a successful team in both Canada and the United States. He is a longtime broker/owner and a founding member of Sellstate. Neil’s mission is to help brokers achieve their highest goals, and achieve their desired lifestyle.

Michael Darmanin - COO
Michael Darmanin - CEO

Michael combines expertise in marketing, data analysis, coaching, and leadership to lead Sellstate’s support, expansion, and technical innovations. He has spearheaded Sellstate Power Suite implementation, our C.P. Technology software, training programs, broker support, and branding initiatives amongst other tasks.

Arthur Darmanin - CEO
Arthur Darmanin - Chairman and Co-Founder

Arthur has over 29 years of experience as a broker and franchisor. He built the largest brokerage in his area with 6 offices, in only 3 years. He later held an exec position managing 80 franchises with over 3,000 salespeople for one of the largest real estate companies in Canada. He co-founded Sellstate with a goal of helping brokers achieve their goals and desired lifestyles.

Michael  Darmanin

Could Sellstate be right for you?

If you want to find out how Sellstate could support your broker ambitions, go ahead and book a call with our CEO — Michael Darmanin

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